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September 25, 2007


Andy Lee

I don't think the name's so bad. Simple and to the point -- you know exactly what you're going to get.

I am disappointed, though, that I never got to try Little Seoul. A friend recommended it, but the two times we went by it was closed.

Will Kim

It's actually a fried chicken chain from Korea - as you can see in the sign it's called BBQ Chicken. I wonder why they bothered to add "Beer"... I'm glad Little Seoul is gone. Almost everything was overpriced and food was mediocre.


I'm not so sure about this place. Nothing in this row of small restaurants looks very appealing. The Chinese place next door is vile with plastic MSG and Lard drums on the curb for garbage pickup every week. The Indian place serves slop that attacks your lower digestive system. C&B looks clean now, if a bit low rent in design. But my guess is that it is it going get real nasty real fast. I hope I’m wrong, because I love chicken and beer. .


I'ts not bad, the usual startup road
bumps ( service slow, out of stuff )but the staff is very nice and gave us some freebees to make up for it.
The chicken is good- I recommend the "BBQ" not the olive oil fried which is just OK.


I went to this place for lunch and the food was awful. The chicken was not cooked all the way and the biscuit was dry. The service is lousy and i witnessed them being very apologetic to customers for wrong orders. I asked for another piece of chicken becuase the piece of chicken i recieved was not cooked. When i reieved another piece it was same. Uncooked. The chicken had no flavor. The service is lousy. It took about ten minutes for us to recieve the check and the place wasn't even close to being busy. I would never ever go there again.

Andy Lee

A Korean place, eh? I've been wanting to try Korean fried chicken ever since I saw this article in the Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/02/07/dining/07fried.html?pagewanted=all

Doesn't sound like I necessarily want to try this place, though.


'chicken & beer' is an album by ludacris put, out last year. not sure if that's an intentional namesake by the owners, but beer is totally appropriate for korean fried chicken.


Seems like the same staff from Little Seoul with hideous uniforms and tacky chainmeal lightboards on the walls. You'll want to apologize to the staff for enduring the corporatization. Lots more light, as befitting a franchise. It feels like a place that'd be out of place wherever it was. So the location's identity crisis continues. The sliding door in the entry is still there for some reason.

Little Seoul had one or two dishes that were worth returning for (like the Mountain Stew which I can't remember the name for that was awesome for colds or cold days), but was generally overpriced. It's pretty much the same deal here, except I know where to get BBQ/Fried chicken elsewhere in the neighborhood. Bulgoki is still on the menu, but I don't think Popeye's is scrambling to follow that lead.

Despite that, each time I stopped in at lunch there were more people there than any two times as Little Seoul. So maybe the changeover will stick this time.

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