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October 01, 2007


Lisa (Homesick Texan)

That place had bad vibes from the get-go as it was not associated with Mitchel London's Burger & Cupcakes. And I'll so be happy to see that hideous cupcake finally gone!

Science Michael

As I just remarked over at James's place, luckily I didn't have to live with the exterior architecture (which, to be sure, was hardly an exemplar of Googie School cool), but I'll find it quite sad to live without those burgers and cupcakes inside. Not to mention its delightful waitstaff....

To paraphrase Gandhi, hated the "cupcake," loved the cupcakes. And the people.

Big B

Their cupcakes sucked and delivery service was slow. You'd think a place would do a better job producing it's namesake item. Only in the first month were the lamb or tuna burgers available. Good riddance, I'll walk the extra 3 blocks and go to Billy's.

As for the backhanded jab at Chicken & Beer, I ate there for the first time last night. Korean fried chicken is another craze du jour, but this chain is the largest in the world. Make fun of the name all you want (the original name is simply "BBQ Chicken") but the product is good enough to make the company the largest domestic corporation in South Korea, with aspirations to overtake McDonalds someday. Not going to happen but considering that they just started tapping foreign markets last year and already have 3500 locations worldwide, millions of people would agree with me that it is a finger licking good addition to the neighborhood. Word of advice - don't order the Fire Drumsticks unless you enjoy shooting flames out of your ass for 12 hours.


"We’d like to carry it back to the Chelsea Hotel and install it in our hallway. -- Ed Hamilton"

Ed, did you take it? It's disappeared.


Carrie Bedsore /Cherry Ramone / Rob from Aus

Bye bye Cupcake, your memory will live forever.


it's sad - i feel bad when any small business in chelsea closes it doors. most likely this space will yield to yet another atm or bank.

that said - you really can't open a business named burgers & cupcakes - and then offer up both horrible cupcakes and burgers. it really was bad!

hopefully this space will become an affordable - high quality locally based eatery.

Science Michael

I almost always enjoyed their vegetable & mushroom burgers, as well as those cupcake varieties I tried (cinnamon swirl, strawberry cheesecake, banana caramel) -- thereby again demonstrating the subjectivity of taste!
Also worth a mention was their exemplary waitstaff, members of whom I wish all the best in their future endeavors; and if that involves work at a restaurant offering decent nonmeat, nonsoy burgers, so much the better, for perhaps we'll meet again some sunny day.

hungry Hil

I don't know what you fools are talking about, but the burgers and cupcakes were great every time I ate there. Get a clue and get your pompous heads out of your arses

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