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November 07, 2007


gothamite in exile

Oh, c'mon. Nothing prevents people from putting up window treatments behind the glass. And (yes I confess! I'm a realtor--aaggh!) having sold in New York and now here in California, while '20s brick & mortar with the odd classical doodad envelopes most of the best high-rise housing stock in NYC, the new wave of glass boxes, alike as they may be, are better than the absolutley dreadful lasagna stacks of crappy brick that have predominated in Gotham since the early '90s. They sure have more appeal when you walk into them, assuming there is any view at all out there. And perhaps excepting the new CPW tower Robert Stern designed where the Mayflower once was, the few attempts to do Emery Roth/Rafael Candela prewar chic all over again have failed miserably (take a good, painful look at 515 Park Avenue, for example--yecch.) One note: tiny spaces feel larger when floor to ceiling glass opens up one side of a room or a whole corner, which is probably why developers have glommed on to the neo-modernist trend. As for foreign buyers, my experience is that most of them find the taste for top hat-era glamour really odd--after all, if they are European or Asian they may have much better interwar architecture at home (if it wasn't bombed into oblivion) and the period hardly induces a warm, fuzzy, homey feelings. They (perhaps naively) think of the U.S. as the land of the future, and that means modern to them.


So what is the difference between living in a glass building and a blogger that loves to tell everyone what they hd for lunch? Lots of people like to strip away their privacy, lots of people like to look.

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